Jenna PetrucelliExecutive Director

Position Specific Training

Our clinics are designed to enhance the specialty skill sets required of each position and player in the game of lacrosse. It's critical for players to be well versed in facets of all the position, including those of which they do not traditionally consider themselves to be associated with. There will always be a situation in which crossover occurs, and being prepared to handle such is the mark of a total and complete player.


Strength & Conditioning

Fitness, stamina, and endurance training will make you an overall better athlete. We partner with prominent strength and conditioning coaches to develop skills that are directly transferable to the lacrosse field. Therefore, this unique experience is not only tailored towards developing the lacrosse player, but the whole athlete through lacrosse specific strength and conditioning to supplement their level of play. Our on staff strength and conditioning coach will work with the players after each lacrosse session for nutrition, strength, agility, and fitness training. This program is individualized to maximize performance and optimize success. This dual package does not currently exist anywhere else within the lacrosse circuit.


Information and Q&A Sessions

At the conclusion of each clinic, a special information session and Q&A will take place for those parents and players interested in being advised on how to navigate the college recruiting process from inside sources, giving key step by step instruction and tips. Additionally, a sports performance and nutrition information session and Q&A will be offered for those parents and athletes interested in maintaining the health and well-being of their body. A detailed handout covering the discussed topics will be given out for supplemental information.


Our staff is comprised of highly qualified individuals, including collegiate coaches, Division I players, and professional level strength trainers.

On-Site Facilities

Our on-site facilities are perfect for lacrosse skills sessions on the turf, and strength training in the fitness center.